mEMR: the app for managing health records.

With mEMR, aggregate your and your loved ones’ medical records, from any healthcare provider or institution, and generate a comprehensive timeline of your health on a single screen.

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There are too many gaps in medical record management.

Doctors waste invaluable time sifting through paper copies of medical records or contacting past providers to gain access to patients’ medical history. Too often, routine or emergency medical visits end with improper, redundant, or inefficient treatment because doctors are unable to access the medical history needed to make life-saving decisions in critical moments.



of physicians have EMR systems capable of giving patients timely access to medical records.


of all serious medical errors involve miscommunications during transition of care.

1 in 3

individuals who visited a doctor in the past 12 months reported a gap in information exchange.

3 in 10

tests are reordered because the results cannot be found.

Your healthcare in your hands.

In a physician-driven world, mEMR empowers users to advocate for themselves and their dependents by easily managing and sharing health records and results with caretakers, providers, doctors, and hospitals.

mEMR allows you to store all medical records and tests in the app, which creates a digital timeline of your healthcare history; ensuring your providers have the information needed to provide the best care possible in a timely manner.

Data Trends and Averages

mEMR uses smart capture technology to organize and display your lab results, allowing you to visualize trends over time, keep track of your averages, and quickly recognize when any abnormalities arise. You can input your data in multiple formats, and we do the work!

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The multi-user feature allows caretakers, such as parent-child scenarios, to generate comprehensive timelines of health for the people they care for. It allows them to be in charge of their evolving medical charts and facilitates shareability. 

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Insurance Cards

Managing up to date insurance cards are a hassle, and if you have multiple insurance providers, it's a nightmare to keep them straight at the doctor's office or during an emergency. With mEMR, you'll always have your current insurance information ready and available in the app. 

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Share and Request

Shareability is baked into mEMR, allowing users to easily send medical information to a doctor, and providers to request information from their patients. In addition, if you choose to share your patient profile with a physician indefinitely, they will get real time updates of the changes you make to your evolving mEMR chart. Let them be an active part of your health story!

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Providers, spend your time where it counts.

Get the medical history you need to make the most informed decision possible for patient care. With mEMR, you can get access to patient-generated health charts, including their most up-to-date uploads of laboratory results, office visits, and procedure summaries with a single tap. Spend more time caring for your patients and less time building their health timelines.


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